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Model name:
Model Category Year Manuals Exploded Stickers
TXT PRO Racing 280Trial2017sisino
TXT PRO Racing 280Trial2015sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2014sisino
TXT PRO Racing 280Trial2014sisino
TXT PRO Replica 280Trial2014sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2013sisino
TXT PRO Racing 280Trial2013sisino
TXT PRO Replica 280Trial2013sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2012sisisi
TXT PRO Racing 280Trial2012sisisi
TXT RAGA Replica 280 ccTrial2012sisisi
TXT PRO 280Trial2011sisisi
TXT PRO 280 RACINGTrial2011sisisi
TXT RAGA Réplica 280 ccTrial2011sisisi
TXT PRO 280 ccTrial2010sisisi
TXT PRO Raga 280 ccTrial2010sisisi
TXT PRO 280Trial2009sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2008sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2007sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2006sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2005nosino
TXT PRO 280Trial2004sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2003nosino
TXT 280Trial2001nosino
GasGas TXT280Trial2000nosino
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