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Great victory for Danny McCanney in the French Enduro GP

The Gas Gas rider has won the Junior category in the first day of the Enduro GP of France, the last race of the season.
Good job. An excellent race by the British Gas Gas Factory Pons team rider who has achieved a major victory in the first of two days of competition at the season-ending Grand Prix of France.
The town of St. Flour has welcomed this final event in this series with an adverse climate for the practice of enduro. The rain has altered the development of this race, because after Friday night's rainfall, there was a respite early Saturday, but at noon a storm has hit the area where the race was contested destroying the course and making it impracticable at several points. The problems created have forced the organization and the FIM to terminate testing earlier than planned.

Fortunately, in the Junior category, the representative of the Gas Gas School of Champions, Danny McCanney, has managed to find the form that he had lost earlier this season, and after finishing in the second position yesterday in Friday's SuperTest, Saturday resulted in him doing an impeccable job with the EC 300 Factory Replica achieving victory without question, facing down and pulling away with over 40 seconds ahead of the champion Matthew Philips.

In Youth Cup 125, the best of the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team riders has been Esteban Lanz, finishing in an excellent seventh position, considering that race conditions are not what the Chilean is accustomed to, nevertheless he obtained his best finish of the year in the World Cup.
Also having a good finishing time in the SuperTest was the Frenchman, Rodrig Thain, second in Enduro3, who encouragingly faced this final round strongly, after spending much of the season recovering from the injury that occurred in Chile. But Thain's race has been stopped again on the first stage, the Cross Test, falling and suffering a concussion to the head that caused a momentary loss of vision. Thain has visited and been tested by the medics and expects an analysis that is favorable for his participation on Sunday.

Finally, the participation of Jean-François Goblet in the World Championship is positive for the development of Gas Gas bikes. On this occasion, the Belgian rider finished in tenth place, his best result of the season.

Danny McCanney:

"My weekend started very well, in the SuperTest I had a good time and straightway in my first test when normally I'm very slow but from today I had constant fast times and I scratched the extreme test in which I am very pleased about. All day I tried hard and kept digging and now eventually I've won one round this season. I'm very happy, my whole team worked well and my bike has ran perfectly".

Diego Rojas:

"The race was fun, but it was very hard. It was not what we were used to, training in Spain in the summer and we come here to meet rain, roots, humidity and mud ... It cost me a lot. For me it was something totally new. We hope to be able to do better tomorrow".

Esteban Lanz:

"Today was abnormal. The race was not easy and I had it very bad. I have not ridden anything in my life so complicated. The rain destroyed the course and further cost me a lot. But I finished, and we expect to have a better day tomorrow."


1. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas), 1:01’13.52
2. Matthew Philips, a 42.17
3. Nicolò Mori, a 4’09.75
4. Mario Román, a 4’20.61
5. Luis Oliveira, a 4’28.75

Youth Cup 125
1. Albin Elowson, 46:50.25
2. Jeremy Mirroir, a 10.64
3. Davide Soreca, a 30.77
4. Jesper Borjesson, a 1’00.40
5. Benjamín Herrera, a 1’20.12
7. Esteban Lanz (Gas Gas), a 2’05.09

1. Alex Salvini, 1:03’42.14
2. Iván Cervantes, a 51.93
3. Antoine Basset, a 54.57
4. Pela Renet, a 55.21
5. Oriol Mena, a 1’16.02
10. Jean François Goblet (Gas Gas), a 5’08.40


1. Matthew Philips, 232 points
2. Giacomo Redondi, 196 points
3. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas), 171 points
4. Mario Román, 162 points
5. Loïc Larrieu, 132 points
11. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas), 47

Youth Cup
1. Jamie McCanney, 214 points
2. Albin Elowson, 201 points
3. Benjamín Herrera, 171 points
4. Jesper Borjesson, 128 points
5. David Ciucci, 127 points
12. Esteban Lanz (Gas Gas), 48 points
19. Tomer Shapira (Gas Gas), 16 points

1. Alex Salvini, 243 points
2. Pela Renet, 203 points
3. Iván Cervantes, 200 points
4. Johnny Aubert, 188 points
5. Oriol Mena, 127 points
14. Jean-François Goblet (Gas Gas), 26 points


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