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Adam Raga finishes on the podium in the difficult Trial de Baiona

Third place for the official Gas Gas team rider in the Trial of Baiona, the penultimate round of the Spanish Championship for this specialty. Jorge Casales has achieved a positive fifth.
The Trial National series has returned on the agenda of the Gas Gas riders and the Trial of Baiona, the penultimate event on the calendar, has resulted in good results for the athletes of the Girona brand.

The race course was very short, about 600 meters, as the trial was located in a spectacular location, with zones close to the sea, some entirely of rock and others with some soil. The rain of the night before, which did not end until mid-race, has complicated the progression of the riders within the zones, and the organizing club was forced to change the layout of some of these sections.

Adam Raga, in the top class, has suffered the disadvantage of opening the zones. Some of his chosen lines have been copied by his rivals and in some cases improved, so that the Gas Gas rider had to go on the defensive with his TXT Pro 300 Factory Racing. However, after the first of the two laps of the course, he had submitted the second best card after Toni Bou, and having not made any mistakes in the last of the twelve zones on the second pass, had preserved the second position . Finally, Raga finished in third place but remains second in the provisional championship with only one race remaining in TR1.

The young rider and member of the Gas Gas School of Champions, Jorge Casales, has held an excellent fifth place with his 2014 TXT Pro 300 Racing. Francesc Moret and Pere Borrellas have finished tied on points, in seventh and eighth place, while Jesús Martin, also with a Gas Gas, was in ninth position.

Winning for Gas Gas in the other categories, Junior, Cadet, and TR4 were in the hands of Nacho Fernández-Sancho, Gabriel Marcelli and Jesús Fuentes, respectively.

The final round of the Spanish Championship will be held at población barcelonesa de Cal Rosal on November 17th.

Adam Raga
I can say that the trial has gone well for one reason: I was the first man out, and opening the zones was quite difficult. For this reason, I was seen by the field, I can say I have not done poorly, and finishing third is a good result. I've done some more footing, but the score was not bad.
The bike, as always, has worked very well. Everything went perfectly: the bike, the minder and all the team".

Jorge Casales
"I am very happy with the result. In this trial I raced with a lot of pressure, because I was at home and with all the people cheering me on and supporting me, it was more difficult to do well and not to disappoint. Also, my main rival had been making things difficult in the World Championship and I did not know if he would continue in the National Series.
The controls also have supported me being in my home, so the result is real and that's why I'm also happy. The rest, also super-good: the team, the bike, my mechanic Gregori, and my minder David Darnés. The bike is getting better and I'm very happy, I'm very suited to it."


1. Toni Bou, 9 points
2. Jeroni Fajardo, 18 points
3. Adam Raga (Gas Gas), 20 points
4. Albert Cabestany, 27 points
5. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas), 43 points
6. Pol Tarrés, 72 points
7. Francesc Moret (Gas Gas), 84 points
8. Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas), 84 points
9. Jesús Martín (Gas Gas), 111 points

1. Nacho Fernández-Sancho (Gas Gas), 7 points
2. Arnau Farré, 12 points
3. Marc Riba, 19 points

1. Marc Horrach, 23 points
2. Adrián Artidiello (Gas Gas), 36 points
3. Rafa Latorre, 36 points
5. José J. Piñeiro (Gas Gas), 69 points

1. Gabriel Marcelli (Gas Gas), 11 points
2. Gabriel Giró, 35 points
3. Sergi Farrés, 37 points
5. Asis Rodán (Gas Gas), 51 points
9. David Avendaño (Gas Gas), 69 points

1. Jesús Fuentes (Gas Gas), 19 points
2. Rubén García (Gas Gas), 27 points
3. Roberto Bautista (Gas Gas), 38 points
4. Manuel García Panizo (Gas Gas), 40 points
5. Jesús Martín Gómez (Gas Gas), 41 points
6. Elisabet Solera (Gas Gas), 45 points

1. Toni Bou, 80 points
2. Adam Raga (Gas Gas), 64 points
3. Albert Cabestany, 58 points
4. Jeroni Fajardo, 45 points
5. Jorge Casales, 44 points
7. Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas), 36 points
9. Francesc Moret (Gas Gas), 24 points
10. Jesús Martín (Gas Gas), 20 points


1. Arnau Farré, 131 points
2. Nacho Fernández-Sancho (Gas Gas), 111 points
3. Marc Riba, 103 points

1. Rafa Latorre, 106 points 
2. Marc Horrach, 100 points
3. Adrián Artidiello (Gas Gas), 77 points
5. Oliver Blasco (Gas Gas), 30 points
6. José Javier Piñeiro (Gas Gas), 26 points 
8. Adrià Albejano (Gas Gas), 20 points
12. Carlos Miguens (Gas Gas), 9 points

1. Jesús Martín Gómez (Gas Gas), 112 points
2. Rubén García Coya (Gas Gas), 99 points
3. Jesús Fuentes (Gas Gas), 92 points
4. Roberto Bautista (Gas Gas), 84 points
6. Manuel García Panizo (Gas Gas), 25 points


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