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Danny McCanney, with Gas Gas, is the runner-up in the Spain Enduro championship

The British rider from the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team, Danny McCanney finished second in the final round of the National Enduro in which Arnau Solà, Diego Rojas and Esteban Lanz also shined.
The Spanish Enduro Championship ended with the round held in the Barcelona town of Valls de Torroella, the last of the long season calendar, and where official team riders of the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team have excelled in their different categories that have been a part of this grueling event, due to the conditions of the terrain. The extreme drought in this area has led to a heavy accumulation of dust in the atmosphere, making seeing difficult for the riders and thus hampering their riding.

The two-day race has put an end to an event that has clearly gone from low to high for the Gas Gas riders. After suffering a slump in the second and third rounds, the Britt Danny McCanney ended the year with a good performance on this unfamiliar ground. Finishing in second place overall in the category Enduro3 for these two days, making the second position only after the champion Joakim Ljunggren.

In this same class, Joan Jou missed the podium on the last day by only 5 seconds. A fall in the last lap has thwarted his efforts. Nevertheless, he finishes fourth in the championship. Another Gas Gas rider, Miquel Garcia finished fifth.

In Enduro1, good progress for Arnau Solà, who took the podium on Saturday, in addition to achieving a good result in the Scratch, with eighth time in the scratch. In the overall sphere of these days of competition, he has finished third, clearly rising from a low point by overcoming two injuries suffered in the first few rounds of the season.

Victories in Junior
The championship ended with victory in the Junior category for one of the talented riders from the Gas Gas School of Champions: Chile's Diego Rojas. 'El Toro', who on Saturday was third in the class, and set the fastest time on Sunday, earning his second partial victory of the season. Rojas has competed in this event with a Gas Gas EC 250 F Racing and finished third in the Junior category. His teammate Esteban Lanz, riding a 125, scored on Saturday with good times, finishing in fourth place in Junior and being the best on a 125cc. On Sunday he was forced to withdraw after an electrical problem with his bike.

Danny McCanney:
"I have finished the championship with two second places. I'm happy with it, because it has been over rough terrain and a lot of dust. I had not ridden in these conditions and it has been tough, but all the weekend we have worked very well. We have worked with the bike before and have improved traction, which has helped me a lot. The season has been difficult, with very different races to what I am used to in Great Britain. It's been a very good year, working with a good team with mechanics who are always attentive. I am very grateful".

Joan Jou:
"This has been a difficult race. I was hoping for the third position, but in the last lap I've fallen and I lost all of my advantage. I feel badly for the team by finishing the season with this upset. I am very happy with the bike and the Gas Gas Pons Factory Team behind me. This makes a huge difference over the other riders, they have done a good job all season".

Arnau Solà:
"At the end of the season the team has made great progress and we have seen the results. Particularly when I had the bad luck of getting hurt earlier in the season, but I think I've gone from less to more. Here in Valls de Torroella we set-out with great gusto and had good expectations. I started the day strong, competitive, and could beat Mario Roman. Today in the last two stages, the terrain was very complicated; not wanting to take risks, and in the end the game went well. But anyway, I'm happy with third place overall in the race and for being a part of Gas Gas Factory Pons Team".

Diego Rojas:
"The race was super-hard, very long and exhausting. I rode the Gas Gas EC 250 F, and I loved it. I would have liked to have ridden it in the whole championship. I am very happy with the team, they are always taking care of the bike. The whole year was very hard, ending in the World top ten has been a good season".

Esteban Lanz:
"Yesterday was a good day. I got first place in 125 and am very happy. I made mistakes and I was not going at a good pace. Today I started very motivated and was making good time and I had a problem. I want to thank the team for all they have done for me. It was good to do the whole Spanish championship, although some of it I lost through the injury. It was a great experience, it helped me to improve riding and also regarding the Chilean championship, I've taken a big step forward".

2 days Enduro Valls de Torroella

1. Joakim Ljunggren, 1:14’21.390
2. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas), a 1’09.600
3. Eloi Salsench, a 3’33.520
4. Joan Jou (Gas Gas), a 3’37.430
5. Miquel García (Gas Gas), a 6’58.330

1. Cristóbal Guerrero, 1:13’46.820
2. Lorenzo Santolino, a 1’16.970
3. Arnau Solà (Gas Gas), a 2’35.320
4. Mario Román, a 2’37.240
5. José Morillo, a 4’59.180

Enduro Júnior
1. Kirian Mirabet, 1:17’06.240
2. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas), a 7.360
3. Ramon Quer, a 35.300
4. Benet Gómez, a 36.030
5. Jordi Quer, a 1’41.660

1. Joakim Ljunggren, 210 points
2. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas), 194 points
3. Fabien Planet, 131 points
4. Joan Jou (Gas Gas), 125 points
5. Miquel García (Gas Gas), 121 points

1. Lorenzo Santolino, 196 points
2. Mario Román, 174 points
3. Víctor Guerrero, 132 points
4. Cristóbal Guerrero, 125 points
5. Samuel Guerrero, 104 points
7. Arnau Solà (Gas Gas), 82 points

Enduro Júnior
1. Kirian Mirabet, 196 points
2. Ramon Quer, 186 points
3. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas), 140 points
4. Jordi Quer, 136 points
5. Oscar Geebelen, 129 points


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