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Replica Factory 2014: The past and the future, today

The 2014 Gas Gas Factory Replica will feature a graphic design that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Spanish factory. Halley was the first model sold by Gas Gas. This original theme is transferred to the 2014 Factory Replica models.

Gas Gas Motos announces the beginning of the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the creation of the brand with the entry into the market of the 2014 Replica Factory models with the image of the first Gas Gas to be produced in the Trial series: the Halley model.

In 2015, Gas Gas Motos celebrates 30 years. Ahead of the commemoration of the anniversary, the brand from Salt, wants to honor three decades of dedication to off-road motorcycling, presenting a special version of the Replica Factory models: Gas Gas Replica Factory 30th anniversary.

The Spanish firm recreates the image of the first bikes that came out of their factory and applies this to the models which today represent the excellence of the range. These bikes are the result of extensive research and experience from the Gas Gas racing department, and as a result, are a product of the highest quality.

Gas Gas Replica Factory 30th Anniversary Trial and Enduro
The Replica Factory 30th anniversary, which will be produced in models of both Trial and Enduro, and maintaining a high level of quality components and with team Gas Gas racing tuning, are intended for competition, as it was with the first Halley, 30 years ago.

The 2014 Replica Factory units feature commemorative graphics that will be similar to the original Halley model, of great importance in the history of the brand, and remembering the first racing bike that left the factory, then located in the Girona suburb of Fornells de la Selva.

The models that make up this new 30th anniversary special edition will be available in the trial models: Gas Gas TXT Pro Replica Factory in displacements 250, 280 and 300cc, and in Enduro: Gas Gas EC Replica Factory in two-stroke displacements of 250 and 300cc.

Halley, the first champion
The mythical Gas Gas Halley was created in 1985, receiving the name of the famous comet that during that year and the next orbited around the Earth.

The Gas Gas Halley 325 went down in the history of the brand, as it was the model that first achieved victory for Gas Gas in the World Championships. It happened in the Belgian town of Bilstain during the second round of the 1987 World Championship, at the hands of Gabino Renales. The Spanish rider won the first victory for the firm in the top Trial class by beating Diego Bosis and Jordi Tarrés, who would get his first title that same year.

TXT Pro Replica Factory, in the wake of the champion
There are several developments and advances presented in the range of TXT Pro Factory Replica 30th anniversary, in part related to the improvement of the engine performance, the fact that increasingly resembles the machine ridden by the number one rider for the brand, Adam Raga.

Highlighted by the new magneto cover, with a new design, and identical in the range of Enduro and Trial a new Spal radiator fan, that allows more space above the engine and provides increased cooling.

The electrical system has been completely renovated, simplifying and improving the connections. For ease of maintenance, the engine can be removed without dismantling the new Kokusan ignition. The TXT Pro Replica Factory also has the 'man overboard' safety device which disconnects the engine if the rider involuntarily falls-off the bike.

The kick-starter is a new design, after having studied the travel, and making changes to increase the grip of the boot. Included also are a non-rotating connection and easy removal of the pedal if necessary.

The new Tech brand aluminum front suspension has the settings that the Gas Gas racing department has been using in major competitions. This helps the rider to have better control of the front of the bike, and the new handlebar that has been developed by Adam Raga, is much more ergonomic. The clock/multifunction is also new, as well as grips by the firm Moting Parts, with a mold design and material that improves grip, even in extreme conditions.

On the opposite end of the cycle, the brake caliper is also changed and is a freestanding monoblock type. The chain is Regina and the sprocket adopts the mandatory FIM design and has a self-cleaning system.

Under the bike, the skid-plate has new hardware that facilitates the sliding of the bike as it passes over obstacles.

An identification plate on the frame records that this is a special limited edition. Each of the 750 units to be sold carries a serial number, which makes it more unique.
All this is complemented with special new graphics which give a 'retro' touch to a special bike that is the Gas Gas TXT Pro Replica Factory 30th anniversary.

In orbit with Gas Gas EC Replica Factory 30th anniversary
The Gas Gas Enduro reaches the highest levels of efficiency for racing bikes with the best quality and value. Moreover, the Replica Factory models incorporate a number of improvements that customers appreciate.

In the engine, the center-cases, clutch cover, cylinder-head and the water pump are modified from the previous model, and the exhaust from the prestigious firm FMF, has also been redesigned.

The electrical segment has also undergone a major overhaul, simplifying the wiring and making it more effective, and the headlight switch has been changed.

The Replica Factory incorporates several Racing components like the gas cap, the clutch pump cover, the covers of the brake pumps (front and rear), the brake pedal yoke, a Supersprox Z48 sprocket, and Renthal handlebars. The front brake disc is a 260mm diameter Galfer.

Among the several new parts on the motorcycle is the suspension. Both the Marzocchi forks and a new Reiger rear shock with dual adjustment, have the settings of the bikes used by the Gas Gas Factory Team Pons racing team. The chassis is finished in black and the swingarm is anodized aluminum in the same color. The shift pedal is also new: the tip being more effective. The seat cover is new, with the brand logo and trim color.

As with the TXT Pro Replica Factory, the EC Replica Factory also wears new graphics to commemorate this special 30th anniversary edition and a numbered series identification plate, limited to 250 units.


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