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A profound transformation from the heart and soul

The biggest changes come from deep within us and that is why you will see the 2015 Gas Gas Enduro range incorporating significant changes in the 2-stroke engines for next season, featuring a new electric starter system (200/250/300). Additionally, a renewal of the basis for the EC 125 and updating the 4-stroke models for the 2015 enduro range, with a focus on quality finishes and a fresh new "racing” image for a brand with three decades of experience, always striving to excel.

Gas Gas presents its new 2015 enduro range of two and four stroke engines. Another leap forward in the EC saga, with motorcycles incorporating advances derived from the racing world and designed so that our customers can enjoy the highest quality, reliability and performance in the sport of enduro.

Our 2-stroke engines, and in particular that of the 200, 250 and 300 cc, have been the focus of the work of the Gas Gas R & D department. These internal changes are also reflected on the exterior with a new image, the result of the addition of high quality components. Also, the 125cc receives substantial changes inside the engine. The smallest of the family are typically the most pampered and in Gas Gas, the baby of the EC saga is no exception. The enduro range is updated to meet the changing times and the expansion of the brand into new markets. Our brand is committed to quality and durability of materials to meet the expectations of our customers.

Technological leap forward in the 200/250/300cc engines

Definitely the 2-stroke range is receiving most of the latest news prior to the release of the 2015 models, with changes in the depths of its heart: the engine. Thus, the new externally adjustable centrifugal exhaust valve system gives outside access to the centrifugal spring preload, so as to provide a fast and simple way to customize engine performance to the tastes of each client and their level of riding, incorporating a new rod that permits performance adjustments to the ‘thousandth’.

In addition, the new exhaust valve in all our 2-stroke models results in a more gradual, linear and smooth delivery throughout the power curve. This improvement, along with the new specific mapping, allows the regulation and custom tuning of all our customer’s engines. Gas Gas enters a new dimension by offering greater reliability, power and personalization.

New electric start system on the 2-stroke is more compact and lighter in weight

It was one of the improvements most requested by our users and one of the first priorities of R & D for the new 2015 Gas Gas models. The new range of EC 200 Racing / EC 250 Racing / EC 300 Racing incorporates a new electric-start system, a qualitative leap that is perfectly coupled to the engine cases, a lighter system, and more importantly, appreciated by all the enduro fans, who, when in difficult situations, makes kick-start pedal access far less complicated.

An electric starting system designed for customers who purchase a 2015 Gas Gas and also for those who own an earlier model of the brand, as the kit will be available through our Gas Gas Racing Parts catalog, and can be installed by a simple operation which can be done in any of our dealerships and authorized repair facilities.

A quantum leap for the smaller EC 125

The little Sisters are the most pampered and the renewed family of Gas Gas enduro bikes is no exception. The most mischievous of our 2-strokes, a trampoline for training for young riders, receives major changes in its engine. The smallest of the series receives a new cylinder head and new mapping program.

The EC 125 has always received special treatment as a favorite and much-loved at Gas Gas. And it is for this reason; the changes were not only focused on the engine. A new final-drive going from 12x50 to 12x46 which adds to the novelties of the most fiery of the family, who in 2015, will sport a new exhaust and redesigned saddle cover with more grip and higher quality finishes. All of which makes this small and manageable bike into one of the most popular objects of desire for those who are new to enduro and want to enjoy quality and a fresh and youthful brand image.

Changes to the exhaust and silencer for the 4-stroke

Although undergoing fewer changes than their two-stroke peers, the four-stroke Gas Gas models were the focus of changes in the exhaust system, and all of them - 250, 300 and 450 cc-premiered a new collector, better adjusted in the overall bike and easier to assemble and disassemble. New in this segment, there is also the unification of an FMF silencer on all 4T models of the brand, with fewer parts for a more effective, compact, and quieter exhaust system. The 250 and 300 models feature new carburetion and exhaust settings for more power.

Structure reinforcements and new suspension settings

Changes were also made to the chassis for the new Gas Gas range, with reinforcements to its "skeleton". The backbone is strong and healthy after a structural optimization of the chassis in the entire family of models. Meanwhile, the suspension paragraph, with both the Marzocchi 48 mm front fork and the rear Reiger shock incorporating new suspension settings to provide the best response to all situations and give full confidence for the rider with the sensations that are transmitted over all types of terrain.

A “racing” character across the entire range

The face is a great reflection of the soul, and so the 2015 Gas Gas models have received a new look and an important image. Inspired by competition, the showcase of a brand which is celebrating its 30th birthday, the Gas Gas models receive a new finish on the swing-arm and the tension spring with and a new "racing" decor inspired by a brand with three decades of history and success behind them.

The new look of the saddle, with a better finish and more grip, combined with the incorporation of new foot-pegs that demonstrate that Gas Gas is constantly working to improve all elements of their models. The findings of our customers and continued commitment to improve our products come together in the small modifications that are seen for the next series. Useful changes in search of the sum of qualities of all the elements to give the highest level of satisfaction for our customers, like the new shift pedal, new kick-stand rubber, redesigned exhaust, the new suspension protector, or the new anti-friction bushings in the clutch and front brake levers.

These changes are due to a commitment to quality and durability in the choices of materials for the 2015 Gas Gas Enduro range, a brand constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.

Improvements in the 2015 Gas Gas Enduro range

1) Externally adjustable system for the centrifugal spring
2) New electric starter system
3) New exhaust systems on the 4-stroke models
4) New central valve (200 / 250 / 300 cc models)
5) New cylinder head (125 cc)
6) New mapping diagram (125cc)
7) New final-drive (125 cc)
8) New exhaust DOMA (125 cc)
9) New saddle
10) New finish for the swing-arm and new rear wheel tension spring
11) New “Racing” graphics
12) FMF silencer on the 4T models
13) New foot pegs and supports
14) Continuous Improvement:
 • New shift pedal
 • New kick-stand rubber
 • Redesigned exhaust
 • New material for the suspension protector
 • New anti-friction bushings in the clutch and front brake levers
15) New ignition maps specific to the 2-stroke (125 / 200 / 250 / 300 cc)
16) Optimization of the chassis structure
17) New suspension settings for the Marzocchi 48 mm front fork and Reiger rear shock


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