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GAS GAS 2015 TXT RANGE. More good things in the quest for perfection

When the good is improved, excellence is achieved. The efforts of Gas Gas have been to focus on the details for the product range TXT Racing, considered by most users as the best trial bike of all time. Gas Gas reveals its 2015 trial models.

Gas Gas is committed to minimalism in their new range of 2015 TXT Racing. Attention to every detail of the TXT 125/250/280/300 striving to go beyond perfection. This renewal comes from the base, with a new TXT 80 that will delight its users and a smaller 125 cc engine which has been redesigned to become the cornerstone of reference in this segment, a motorcycle capable of overcoming any obstacle. Gas Gas breathes trial into products for all ages. The secret lies in the constant desire to improve a brand that is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary.

TXT 125/250/280/300, minimalism in search of perfection

The minimalism in the changes results in endless improvements throughout the TXT 125/250/280/300 range, quality products with high performance. Thus, the list begins with the hands and feet. New handlebars (handlebar grips and handlebar protector) and new footrests for a range incorporating the advice and extensive experience of its riders to favor good posture on the bike, improving the "grip" and using the lightest and strongest materials on the market.

The new Spal cooling fan allows more space in the cylinder head area, greater ventilation and a more secure attachment between the fan motor and the radiator. Three big improvements in one. The result of the progress in this regard, the 2015 TXT Racing range features a new electrical wiring loom, with a shorter overall length and smaller cable connectors, designed for easy maintenance. The electrical system and the flywheel/magneto became independent with two new fully waterproof connectors located in the engine area. Closely related to the electrical system, the electrical components have been rearranged. Thus, the new mount linking the CDI, coil and regulator optimizes the space under the fuel tank and simplifies installation and servicing while also implementing a single regulator.

Perfection lies in the details and the incorporation of new kick-start pedal and new water pump revolve around this idea. The new pedal is easy to disassemble and has been studied to the last detail in terms of its length, and a new water pump with sealing system that completely eliminates any possibility of the mixing of fluids and is easy to maintain. The new intake manifold for the Keihin carburetor simplifies assembly, and in turn, increases engine performance, the benchmark in the world of trial.

Small improvements large projection

The list of improvements is endless for the 2015 TXT Racing. For this model, a new design of the ignition cover gives it a more modern look while aligning the aesthetics with the sister ranges of trial and enduro. While tapered Allen screws on the bottom of the sump-guard facilitate the sliding of the bike, so important in some areas of trial. The TXT Racing models are intended for trial practice at all levels and also for easy maintenance by the user, and in our desire to improve, we have modified even the mounting of the exhaust pipe for easy access to the screws securing it to the cylinder. And one last improvement, a speedometer that is designed for the most used elements of the trial sport, we have downsized the casing and incorporated a philosophy of design specifically for this specialty.

TXT 125, the new benchmark of this segment

Gas Gas has devoted special efforts to renew the TXT 125 for you. The teenage brand features enhancements inherited from her older sisters. However, we at Gas Gas wanted to go beyond simply revisions of the heart of the machine. And now, the engine, and especially the response will leave nothing to envy from the rest of the field.

The TXT 125 underwent a radical change and it does so from within. In its evolution, the new TXT 125 incorporates a new cylinder head, both inside and outside, the new thermodynamics for the cylinder with a “look” that is consistent with the whole family. The new ignition system, with a new CDI, a widely-tested component, the Keihin carburetor adds to this list of the new 125, a bike with the torque and power that everyone expects to become the point of reference for this engine size.

Incorporating a new crankshaft, specific for this engine, allowed adjusting and in turn incorporating many improvements: crankcases with resetting of the pre-charge, new primary driven gear, new clutch cover to accommodate the new water pump on the outside, making the TXT 125 the best choice in the eighth-liter category in trial.

TXT 80, an outstanding student

Sometimes the great successes are based on the simplicity of the changes and this, without going any further, is the case of the TXT 80. Lowering the platform of the TXT Racing 125, with smaller front and rear components for the smaller and the youngest, the new TXT 80 is a smaller-scale bike derived from those of large-scale champions. It is a completely new bike that is born to become the benchmark in its segment.

Gas Gas has spared no resources for the smaller class. The new 2015 TXT 80 incorporates a new 80 cc engine, directly inherited from the engines that have won many professional national and global trial titles, having been earned by our brand with three decades of success behind them. Among the most notable specific improvements are the primary drive and specific thermodynamics with a new cylinder, cylinder head, piston and exhaust pipe curve. And, when we announced a major transformation, this was not in vain. The unification of the components of the chassis of the small TXT 80 with the adult range is complete, with not only the chassis, but also the exhaust and the silencer, as well as the air box and fuel tank.

Adapting the TXT 80 for younger riders involved the incorporation of specific components, among which the swing-arm is smaller, the front suspension is shorter with smaller diameter stanchions, the wheels are 17 "and 19" – and the rear shock absorber with a more sensitive spring -, plus the footrests are ideally suited to the position of the youngest riders.

Improvements and adjustments aimed at making the Gas Gas TXT 80 the greatest among the small, and the most outstanding student in its class.

TXT Racing 2015
• New handlebar
• New handlbar grips
• New handlebar protector
• New SPAL cooling fan motor
• Monoblock front brake caliper
• Michelin X-11 tires
• Improved connection of the exhaust pipe
• New water pump
• New kick-start pedal
• New magneto cover
• New footrests
• Autostand rear brake caliper
• Rear sprocket is FIM with auto-cleaning
• Reorganized electrical components
• New electrical wiring loom
• New intake manifold for the Keihin carburetor
Only for the 125cc
• New cylinder head (interior and exterior)
• Keihin carburetor with new intake manifold
• Revised cylinder tuning
• New crankshaft (engine cases, clutch cover, crank bearings, crank seals, primary driven gear and nut)
• New magneto flywheel and CDI
New TXT 80cc
• New engine: Crankshaft, engine cases, clutch cover, etc...
• Changes to teh primary drive, water pump and kick-start pedal
• New thermal-dynamics TXT 80: Cylinder, piston, and head
• New exhaust pipe
• New handlebar
• New specific brake and clutch handles
• New front suspension and Ollé rear shock
• Unification of the components of the motorcycle with the TXT range: Chassis, intermediate and final exhaust, airbox and fuel tank


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