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The riders of the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team balance the season in the final round of the World Enduro Championship 2014

The Gas Gas Factory Pons Team concluded the season with two seventh places for Antoine Basset in the premier class. Jonathan Manzi who debuted with the Gas Gas EC250F in this GP of France, finished with a sixth place on Sunday, and Diogo Ventura secured a remarkable fifth in the Junior World Championship.

The world enduro championship ended in Brioude, France, a Grand Prix in which Jonathan Manzi debuted on the Gas Gas EC250F achieving sixth place in the second round. The Frenchman Antoine Basset earned a double seventh in front of his fans. In Junior, the young Portuguese rider Diogo Ventura assured his fifth place position in the final championship tally.

This weekend, the Gas Gas team riders faced the last race of the season with mixed results. In E1, Jonathan Manzi contesting his first race on a Gas Gas EC250F to which the young Italian has quickly adapted. After finishing eleventh on Saturday, he put together a fine ride on Sunday with an outstanding sixth place in the quarter-liter class.

Meanwhile, Loïc Minaudier closed a season marked by injuries in tenth place on the final day. A fracture of both wrists during a pre-season test has hampered the performance of the Frenchman who debuted in midseason in E2. The lack of practice has not allowed Minaudier to demonstrate his full potential.

In E3, Antoine Basset secured a double seventh position in what was the home Grand Prix for the Frenchman and for his teammate Loïc Minaudier. The Gas Gas rider regularly displayed his versatility on the EC300R with this double seventh, resulting in his ninth position in the final championship in the premier class, with a total of 107 points.

Meanwhile in Junior, Diogo Ventura's fifth position in the World Championship was assured thanks to aseventh and ninth in the French GP. The young Portuguese rider closes his first season in the Junior World Championship with an outstanding 'top five' result. Finally, Tommy Sjostrom, another representative of the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team in the world junior finished fourteenth in the first round and improved one position on Sunday, finishing the season with sixteenth in his class.

Jonathan Manzi:I think I've ridden ​​a rather safe race, we started the day well but we have charged a lot and I am now a little tired. However, we managed to improve on the result of the previous day with a sixth. The bike worked 100%, I felt very good with her. The team worked magnificently and I can only thank you all for these two days at the GP of France.

Antoine Basset:I think it has not been my best Grand Prix, but that does not mean that it has been bad. Yesterday with my start time I could not fight with the front guys, and Sunday was better because I could fight for fifth place, but I lost time because of a fall and finally ended up seventh. It was a big win in front of my fans and I'm happy with my first season with Gas Gas.

Diogo Ventura:It's been a tough weekend but I think we have achieved our main objective to finish the year ranked in the top five of my class. Saturday was a good day, I was fighting for third position but made ​​two mistakes on the second lap of the enduro test that put me on the ground. And I don't think the result reflected my performance. And on Sunday, probably the same thing happened, I ended up not finding the pace in the stretch and in the last lap, when I was trying to make up time and again I fell. I think this result is not within the range I want to get, but we must continue training to improve next season and give more and do better. And I also want to thank the whole team for always being by my side.

Enduro 1 – First day

1. Christophe Nambotin, 58:06.11

2. Jeremy Tarroux, +1:12.56

3. Anthony Boissiere, +1:20.53

11. Jonathan Manzi (Gas Gas), 4:40.03

Enduro 1 – Second day

1. Christophe Nambotin, 1:02.30

2. Jeremy Tarroux, +1:53.89

3. Marc Bourgeois, +2:12.17

6. Jonathan Manzi (Gas Gas), +3:57.65


Enduro 2 – First day

1. Pela Renet, 57:50.21

2. Alex Salvini, +1:32.63

3. Romain Dumontier, +1:57.99

Loïc Minaudier (Gas Gas), DNF ST9

Enduro 2 – Second day

1. Pela Renet, 1:02:43

2. Alex Salvini, +53.02

3. Johnny Aubert, +1:13.68

10. Loïc Minaudier (Gas Gas), +6:53.04


Enduro 3 – First day

1. Matthew Phillips, 49:56:41

2. Iván Cervantes, +7.59

3. Fabien Planet, +26.48

7. Antoine Basset (Gas Gas), +1:27.46


Enduro 3 – Second day

1. Iván Cervantes, 1:03:58

2. Matti Seistola, +45.26

3. Matthew Phillips, +51.28

7. Antoine Basset (Gas Gas), +1:47.64


Enduro Junior – First day

1. Loïc Larrieu, 50:11.48

2. Daniel McCanney, +53.54

3. Giacomo Redondi, +1:28.98

7. Diogo Ventura (Gas Gas), +2:17.63

14. Tommy Sjostrom (Gas Gas), +3:29.76

Enduro Junior – Second day

1. Loïc Larrieu, 1:04:26

2. Daniel McCanney, +1:21.74

3. Giacomo Redondi, +1:58.10

9. Diogo Ventura (Gas Gas), +3:32.45

13. Tommy Sjostrom (Gas Gas), 4:41.02


Enduro 1 – Final Classification

1. Christophe Nambotin, 271

2. Eero Remes, 201

3. Cristóbal Guerrero, 181



Enduro 2 – Final Classification

 1. Pela Renet, 258

2. Alex Salvini, 202

3. Johnny Aubert, 177

19. Loïc Minaudier (Gas Gas), 16



Enduro 3 – Final Classification

 1. Matthew Phillips, 229

2. Iván Cervantes, 220

3. Matti Seistola, 155

9. Antoine Basset (Gas Gas), 107

18. Jonathan Manzi (Gas Gas), 11



Enduro Junior – Final Classification

 1. Daniel McCanney, 260

2. Giacomo Redondi, 234

3. Loïc Larrieu, 222

5. Diogo Ventura (Gas Gas), 99

16. Tommy Sjostrom (Gas Gas), 32


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