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Loris Gubian gets back into top international competition together with the GasGas Trial Factory Team to lead the exciting electric project from the factory in Salt in the TrialE World Championship.

The French rider is to make a bid for the current TrialE World Championship, aiming to re-win the crown won last year in Lourdes by Marc Colomer. This year the TrialE Cup calendar includes two events: the French GP and the Belgium GP taking place in July. 

The five-time French Trial Champion with GasGas, will also compete in some of the Spanish Electric Trial Championship events to get a feeling for the GasGas TXE. In addition, Gubian will join the GasGas R & D team to develop the great pioneer of electric trial, the TXE, the only electric motorcycle manufactured in series with a mechanical clutch and a six-speed gearbox.

For Gubian, who will also fight for the world title in Trial2 with the TXT, "it was time to set off in a new direction" in his sporting career. Gubian wants to "thank GasGas-Torrot for the opportunity and confidence in him to make a comeback in the Trial World Championship."    

La Croix-Rousse, Lyon (France), January 4th,1989

2014 French Champion
2013 French Champion
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         European Champion
2008 Junior World Champion
2003 Junior European Champion

<![CDATA[Gas Gas Celebrates Podium Finish - Australian Four Day Enduro]]> Wed, 11 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +0200 831

With over 350 riders starting, what was the 40th anniversary of the race, Gas Gas Australia entered two riders to tackle the Enduro Three (E3) and Veteran Class.

Representing the E3 class on the Gas Gas EC 300, Broc Grabham had a big event securing 3rd place.  Impressively, he was the fastest two-stroke rider at the Australian Four Day Enduro and took ninth place overall for the event some ten places higher than the next closest two-stroke.

"My EC300 ran great all through the event. Even with blinding dust and tight trail times, the bike did not put a foot wrong. At the start of the year I thought to switch to a two-stroke bike for the first time in my career, may mean there would be a steep learning curve, but I took to it instantly. Credit to the engineers at Gas Gas Spain, as anyone could jump on a gasser and feel comfortable."

Representing the Veteran Class on the Gas Gas EC 300, the Wildwood enduro winner Jade Gartlan, suffered a small crash early on day one creating a setback, with time lost at fuel stops to repair the damage. Playing catch up on day two, Jade worked his way through the field to better his time. However, all his good work was lost on day three when a simple misunderstanding by a fellow rider who took Jade's hydration pack at a special test control left him dehydrated and late for the remainder of the day. Day Four, Jade went all out and crossed the finish line first in his Veteran heat in the final moto, whilst having a great battle with Craig Stevenson in his class.

"The 2018 A4DE was an incredibly tough week with problems that you can never plan for when racing enduro. Fortunately, my EC 300 was built for such tough technical terrain and it felt at home all week. I didn't even have to tape my hands. The highlight was getting the lead in front of such a huge crowd in the sandy final moto."

<![CDATA[Jaime Busto gets third place overall in the X-Trial World Championship]]> Fri, 30 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0200 829

The Budapest Arena in the Hungarian capital hosted the seventh and final event in the 2018 World X-Trial Championship. A closing event where Jaime Busto arrived aiming to make a repeat of his great performance two weeks ago in París, where the GasGas Factory Team rider got his first victory in the Indoor World Championship.

Busto got a quick classifier in in the first round, after finishing in second place with only 9 points. Paired up with Takahisa Fujinami and James Dabill in the second, his 8 points gave him the way into the final where he got a second place, with 3 points more on his card than Adam Raga.

Thanks to his second place in Budapest, Busto closes his first complete season in the X-Trial World Championship with an excellent third position. At only 20 years old he has become the great revelation of the Championship after a second place in Vendée, achieving a historic victory in Paris and once again climbing on to the second step of the podium in Budapest. Meanwhile, his teammate, Jeroni Fajardo, finished the year in seventh place in the table, just one point behind Dabill, after not riding in this event having not made it into the second round in París.

Now the X-Trial World Championship is over, the GasGas Trial Factory Team is now looking towards the coming TrialGP World Championship. A competition that is to get started on 19th May in Camprodon and is set to finish on 16th September in Pietramurata, Italy, after competition in eight GPs.

"Once again we have got a great result in the Budapest X-Trial. We hoped the results would be even better in the second part of the season, as the riders had more time to get used to their new GasGas bikes. The break after Barcelona was really good as they were able to train and get the feeling of their GasGas bikes. We have been up on the podium in the last three races and also Jaime has finished third in the World Championship, one of our objectives this season. We have grown from less to more, which was what we expected.

This result gives us a positive push towards the coming TrialGP Championship, starting in May. The riders will be even more at one with their bikes. I want to congratulate all the team and the GasGas family for the work they have done throughout the indoor season. Now is the time to keep on working."

"I am very happy with this second place and with the third place overall in the X-Trial World Championship, in this the first year with GasGas, and in what was also my first complete season in the World Championship. I started off by being a bit worried as I was riding for the third position against Benoit [Bincaz], but I got through into the second leg in second place. In the semi-final I had a good round and made it through to the final. It was a very close final where I went out really wanting to do well. I got a five in the last zone and Adam [Raga] only got 2 points. In fact I'm really pleased with the result and with the third place in the World Championship. The team has done a fantastic job."

<![CDATA[Jaime Busto and GasGas, winners of the Paris X-Trial]]> Tue, 20 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0100 824

Paris was the scene of the sixth round of the X-Trial World Championship, and this was an event that Jaime Busto is unlikely forget. The young GasGas Trial Factory Team rider has chalked up his first victory in the X-Trial World Championship by beating Adam Raga in a thrilling final. The Basque rider has achieved the first triumph in this contest for GasGas since the rescue by Torrot in 2015. Jeroni Fajardo finished in seventh position.

The GasGas Trial Factory Team riders were paired in the same group in the first round. Jaime Busto scored 10 points, while Jeroni Fajardo got 12.

In the second round, Jaime Busto, was competing against Toni Bou -the World Champion after the suspension of the X-Trial in Seville- and with Takahisa Fujinami. After a solid performance, Busto got a total of 8 points and made it to the grand final, which he competed in against Adam Raga.

In a very closely run final, Jaime Busto managed to take the pressure perfectly, getting only 3 points against Raga's 6, who scored a decisive 'five' in the fifth zone. After this brilliant performance, the GasGas rider was able to chalk up his first victory in the X-Trial World Championship.

With this result, Jaime Busto climbs in the general ranking to the fourth position, just two points behind the third classified. Jeroni Fajardo is sixth. The next round of the X-Trial World Championship will be held on March 29, in the Hungarian city of Budapest.

"We are very happy after winning the first victory for GasGas in the X-Trial World Championship after the purchase by Torrot. This result shows that Jaime [Busto] is adapting very well to the bike. Although he’s only 20 years old, Jaime made a great job of taking the pressure in the final. As well as the victory, which is also important, as team manager, I value how he managed this situation, being so young, when facing a great Adam Raga. This allows us to look to the future in a very positive way and shows us that we are working in the right direction. We must congratulate the whole GasGas family, because this is the work of many people.

Jeroni [Fajardo] had a problem in the first zone that stopped him from doing a good round. It was a shame, because he could have passed to the second, which would have given him the classification for the Budapest X-Trial. But we are going to continue working at maximum power for the next events."

"I am very happy with this result. We completed a good first round of the World Championship, finishing on the podium and, after some not such good events, we have got our rhythm back again. We have been training very hard for the last few months and today we have been rewarded. The bike worked wonders and I would like to thank the whole team for their help. We came to Paris convinced that we could do things well and that's the way it has been. I withstood the pressure in the final with Adam [Raga] very well and I am very happy with this victory."

"We finished in seventh place by very little, only three tenths. Obviously, it was not our goal but today I felt good on the bike, with confidence. The zones were very slippery and I had bad luck in the first zone, because of a small error. After that I fell, adding a 'five' in an area that should have been a 'zero'. I kept on fighting to the end and the following areas didn't go badly for me, but I just missed my ticket to the next round."

<![CDATA["The first victory feels really good but our goal is to try to get the World Championship"]]> Tue, 20 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0100 825

For Jaime Busto, the young Basque rider, last Saturday's Paris X-Trial will always be something special. The young GasGas Trial Factory Team rider chalked up his first victory in the X-Trial World Championship by beating Adam Raga in an exciting final. He left the great Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami behind in the semi-finals. But the Basque rider is not satisfied with this first triumph and confesses that his final goal is to fight for the title in the future, while facing the TrialGP World Championship due to begin on May 19th with optimism.

How does it feel to get a victory in the X-Trial World Championship?
"Getting the first victory in the X-Trial World Championship is very important for me and for GasGas. For my part, I had never won a race in this competition and, on the other hand, it is GasGas’ first triumph after the purchase by Torrot in 2015. I am very happy, because we have achieved it in my first year in the GasGas Trial Factory Team, with a new bike for me and with a new competition system. In short, I am very happy because it has been proven that we already have a good feeling for the bike."

You beat a champion like Adam Raga in the grand finale. How did you control your nerves at the time?
"The final against Adam [Raga] was very difficult. I faced the zones after him and he made very few mistakes. Despite that, I controlled the pressure of the moment very well. I am very happy with the victory, but also for having been able to manage my nerves in that situation. That was what allowed me to take advantage of Raga's mistake in the fifth zone and get my victory."

What did it mean for you to finish first in Paris?
"I ended up very happy to have won in Paris. I had never competed there and the truth is that I felt very comfortable. This first victory can help to give us extra motivation in the rest of the year."

At only 20 years old you have already achieved a World Championship victory, how far do you want to go in the future?
"The first victory always feels really good but our goal is to try to get the World Championship. This year, with Toni [Bou's] victory it is already impossible in X-Trial, but we will give everything we've got to be champions, starting with the TrialGP Championship starting in May."

Have you made any changes to your work routine compared to previous seasons?
"The truth is that this season, we have focused mainly on adapting to the bike. We started the season very well, but in the following races things got a bit complicated. We had been training very hard to get the most out of our GasGas bike. The week before Paris I was mentally very well prepared, I felt very strong and finally we got it." 

"The coming race in the X-Trial World Championship is very important because we are competing for third place in the overall standings and right now that is our number one objective"

Now that you have competed in 6 World Championship events with GasGas, what do you think your strengths are on this bike?
"With this bike I feel much more comfortable especially with the big obstacles. Now I can get up them much more easily. I also feel very good in the starts on slippery terrain. Possibly those were the points where I felt weaker before. Those small details help us improve and make all the difference."

And how has it been working with the GasGas Trial Factory Team during this first half of the season?
"I am finding it very easy to work with GasGas. The professional environment is very good and we have changed a bit our work routine. The team has added to my side the figure of a coach, Salva García, who has a lot of experience. All this and the group of professionals led by Marc Colomer makes me feel more secure and strong than ever, after overcoming the logical adaptation period. The whole team plays their part and we are all working together to achieve our objectives. Thanks to everyone we get the bike to be a little better every day and I think we are definitely going in the right direction."

And with your team mate Jeroni Fajardo?
"Jeroni is a great rider with a lot of experience. When we have been training together he has always helped me and I have tried to help him. His experience can bring a lot to me and also the team, and I think this will be a great year for both of us."

There is one event left for the X-Trial World Championship in Budapest. How are you dealing with it?
"The remaining race is very important because we are competing for third place in the overall standings and right now that is our number one objective. We hope to perform well in Budapest and achieve a result that gets us into third place."

And in May you will start the TrialGP World Championship. How do you see it?
"In two months this championship starts and I think we can do even better there. We will be more adapted to the bike and we will have had more riding time. We are really keen to put on a good show. It's a totally different World Championship from the X-Trial and we'll see what we can do there."

What is the biggest difference between the two disciplines? And which of the two is your favourite?
There is a lot of difference. The last X-Trial races have been very similar, with very similar zones. There are areas that are always dry, but they can fool you a lot too, because they are slippery. On the other hand, TrialGP is much more random. Sometimes it rains, other times we race on dry terrain... and that makes it different. I've always liked 'indoor' more, but this year I think we can do much better 'outdoors'."

<![CDATA[Pohjola and GasGas victorious in E1 in the Enduro GP of Finland]]> Tue, 20 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0100 823

The Finnish 'Päitsi', an event with over ninety years of history in this Nordic country, has given a welcome for the second year running to the 'white hell' of Lake Päijänne. This was an extremely tough event marked by the freezing temperatures and the great banks of snow in the stages. The young rider Eemil Pohjola rode brilliantly on his GasGas bike, taking it to the very top of the podium on the second day in the Enduro World Championship.

The Finnish rider, a commitment to the future by GasGas - as in their day were his fellow countrymen Petteri Silvan and Petri Pohjamo, World Champions with GasGas - has been one of the great stars of the GP of Finland. Pohjola led the general in the first day until the thirteenth special, when a setback separated him from a victory he had within his grasp. On the second day, the GasGas rider demonstrated his enormous potential by claiming the victory in his category and second place in EnduroGP on his GasGas 250 EC.

Christophe Nambotin and Danny McCanney debuted in the demanding GP of Finland riding with the GasGas colours in the World Championship. They achieved a seventh and an eighth place after a strenuous first day of more than 500 kilometres and 12 hours of competition, after riding 16 specials - two of them at night. On the second day of competition, McCanney climbed to fifth place and Nambotin repeated in seventh position. With this result, both added valuable points in the fight for the World Championship, in the most unique and demanding test of the championship, usually dominated by the great Scandinavian specialists.

In E1, Antoine Basset completed the Finnish event by obtaining two seventh positions before the World Championship heads to more southern lands. Santiago de Compostela is to host the second round of the EnduroGP World Championship on 27, 28 and 29 April, the Spanish GP.

"As we already knew we would, we encountered difficult conditions in this first World Championship race. Apart from Eemil [Pohjola], who is a specialist, our riders are not used to racing on ice and snow and we have come up against many situations that we were not adapted to. For that reason, we have fulfilled our main objective: that the four motorcycles finished the event. We got a win in E1 and we fought to win the event on both days. All the riders have scored points, which in itself was complicated, and we have kept our options open to fight for the title at the end of the season.

The commitment made by the GasGas Team with a young rider like Eemil has paid off and we are very proud of his magnificent race. He is a good specialist in this field, has become the revelation of the Grand Prix and put up a great fight throughout the weekend for the absolute victory.

Now we have to continue working for the next race, which will be in Spain, where we will attack in a terrain better suited to our riders."

"It's been a very hard weekend. The result is not too good for the championship, but it was a very difficult race, both because of the conditions we encountered and because of the organization, as it was the first time we have competed here. Despite the complications of the terrain, the bike worked very well but I could not ride comfortably on the snow. Next month we will compete in Spain and I am already looking forward to riding there."

"We had to give everything we had in the snow in Finland. We did not find a correct set-up and yesterday I could not feel comfortable riding in these conditions. Last night we made some changes in the configuration of the bike and we noticed a great improvement. As for the championship, I cannot complain because despite the difficulties, we have added some good points and today I was able to ride quite well. I'm happy with the result we've obtained."

"It was a very difficult race, especially since I am not used to this kind of event. Yesterday we had a lot of snow and in the specials there were very large ruts. It was a very long day, with more than twelve and a half hours of riding, and it was my first time. I did not do to badly considering I'm not Finnish. Today went a little better. I had some doubts about the shock absorber halfway through the day, but conditions were more similar to the usual ones."

"On Saturday I had a problem in the 13th special while leading and very close to victory. Today was a good day, I have given 100% and everything went very well. I am very happy with my first victory in the E1 World Championship and I want to thank GasGas for this opportunity and especially to Jani for making it possible. We're going to train hard to prepare for the next race in Spain."

<![CDATA[GasGas makes history in the United States with its first podium in the GNCC]]> Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0100 826

Nick Davis made history last weekend by taking his GasGas XC250 to the podium for the first time in the Pro category of the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) raced in Washington. The rider for GasGas FAR recovered a fall at the start of the race and reached third position after moving up a large number of positions on the last lap. With this result, Davis reached eleventh position in the overall classification of the race.

In the Women's WXC category, Korie Steede also put on a great performance in Georgia. Right from the start, Steede got into the top positions with her XC250, and finally finished the race in fourth position. Andrew DeLong completed the great show from the GasGas FAR Racing riders in the Georgia race with a 23rd overall position.

In the AMA West Coast Hare Scrambles event disputed in Gorman, California, Noah Keeple, on his GasGas XC300, managed to get on the podium, with a brilliant third position. The GasGas North America rider made a magnificent comeback to reach the podium.

<![CDATA[Torrot presents the GasGas Enduro Factory Team in Lyon]]> Sat, 03 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0100 820

Torrot, owner of GasGas, revealed at midday in the Salon du 2 Roues de Lyon its renewed commitment for the 2018 Enduro season, with Christophe NambotinDanny McCanney and Antoine Basset as riders in the GasGas Enduro Factory Team. All of them will be under the orders of Giovanni Sala, the Team Manager of the squad.

Nambotin and McCanney return to the official GasGas team in the World Championship to fight for the E3 title on the powerful EC 300. These are two important reinforcements for a squad that, in 2018, gets Antoine Basset back again. The Frenchman, fully recovered from the serious knee injury that kept him away him from the World Championship last year, will climb back onto the EC 250 in E1 to demonstrate the competitiveness of one of the few two stokes in the mid-range category.

The GasGas Enduro Factory Team will be taking on one of the great promises of Finnish enduro, the young Eemil Pohjola, who will compete in the E1.

Nambotin, McCanney, Basset and Pohjola will debut with the Torrot company's competition team at the EnduroGP World Championship on Saturday, March 17th at the Helsinki GP (Finland). It will be the first of the eight events of a competition that this year returns to its old format, with the categories of E1, E2 and E3, and also recovers the old absolute classification for all the engine sizes, keeping the name of EnduroGP for this category and so giving the name to the competition. 

GasGas doubles up its presence this season in the Enduro classes with the addition of David Knight and Lars Enöckl. Both will be taking part in the newly created World Enduro Super Series (WESS). Meanwhile, the three GasGas 'Dakarians' –Johnny AubertJonathan Barragán and Cristian España– will combine their preparation for the next edition of the Dakar Rally with their participation in the Spanish Enduro Championship. The French rider, classified sixth in the 2018 Dakar, will also compete in the Enduro Classics calendar in France.

"This season, Torrot has made a strong commitment with the GasGas Enduro Factory Team. We have renovated the team and we have some of the best riders in this class: Christophe Nambotin, Danny McCanney and Antoine Basset. Both the EC 250 and the EC 300 are very good bikes and the three riders have only one objective this year: to fight for the World Championship.

We are aware that the first event in Helsinki will not be an easy start. The favorites there will be the local riders but, thanks to the intense training we carried out in Finland a few weeks ago, our riders have become familiar with snow and ice. We hope to complete a good race and add on the first points of the World Championship.

"I am very happy to return to the GasGas Enduro Factory Team and I appreciate the opportunity that Torrot has given me. The new EC 300 is fantastic and I feel very comfortable with it. The first month of training has been very good and I am looking forward to starting competing. My biggest goal for the season is to win the maximum number of races and get the world title. The new GasGas team is very good and Giovanni [Sala] is doing an impressive management job. The atmosphere is great, so I am very happy to be part of this team."

"It is a great satisfaction to return to GasGas and to be part of Torrot's GasGas Enduro Factory Team. Despite the injury I suffered at the beginning of the year, my recovery is going well and I think I will be ready for the first World Championship event in Helsinki. The improvements that GasGas has introduced in the engine and the chassis make the bike even better than last year. I think we have a very powerful team with Christophe [Nambotin], Antoine [Basset] and with Giovanni [Sala] in the lead. I'm going to give everything I've got in the fight for the E3 World Championship, as I've got a great bike and a great team."

"This will be my fourth season with GasGas, and I am very excited to be part of the Torrot structure. The bike works very well; With the new engine, the new frame and the new suspension it is even easier to ride. Also, having Giovanni [Sala] as a Team Manager is a privilege. He has a lot of experience in the World Championship, he understands riders perfectly and he is going to help us a lot. My goal for this season is to be on the podium of the World Championship as many times as possible."


<![CDATA[Here is GasGas Live: the first online platform for following off-road competitions live]]> Fri, 09 Feb 2018 00:00:00 +0100 816

You can access GasGas Live through the web 

With its firm commitment to bringing the very latest technologies to the off-road world, Torrot / GasGas has once again made an innovation with the launch of GasGas Live, the first digital platform for live viewing of competitions alongside the riders of the brand.

This Saturday, 10th February, for the first time ever, GasGas Live is going to stream the action of the day before the Spanish Trial Championship, from Nucía in Alicante. A competition where the two official GasGas riders will be present: Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo. The next day, Sunday, 11th February, the fans of our team will be able to watch the first race of this national competition.

During these first two broadcasts, with GasGas Live you will be able to follow all of Jeroni Fajardo's movements and live the experience first-hand, together with the champion.

With the launch of this platform, Torrot / GasGas wants to make a meeting point available to the thousands of GasGas team fans where they can find a wide variety of contents related to the world of enduro and trial competition all in a single place and with just one click.

In addition to being able to follow the riders and have access to all this audiovisual content, later on in GasGas Live you will also find a wide variety of videos, information about the riders and the latest news from the off-road world.

This online platform, unique in the field of enduro and trial also has a section of games and competitions where you can test your knowledge of GasGas, or the world of trial competition and test how much you know about the GasGas team riders. Also, it is possible to pit your wits against other fans and climb positions in your ranking that can be accessed after registration.

For Iván Contreras, CEO of Torrot / GasGas, "the launch of this platform is a great commitment by the brand to offer fans valuable, differentiated content. At the moment we are testing the beta version, but our goal is to continue adding streams and improving sections such as the one for online games."

<![CDATA[The World Electric Trial Champion, the GasGas TXE, now within reach of the public thanks to Torrot]]> Mon, 05 Feb 2018 00:00:00 +0100 813

The GasGas TXE (Electric Gear Drive) used by Marc Colomer to win the first edition of the TrialE Cup last year in Lourdes, France, is now available in the series version. Trial lovers at last have the innovative electric bike that opened the doors to a new era in the world of trial within their grasp. A dream come true, where Torrot's concepts of freedom and electric mobility converge with GasGas' passion for competition and trial representing a worldwide benchmark in the speciality over the last few decades.

The new GasGas TXE promises sensations which up to know have been unthinkable for trial riders. From now on, they can enjoy their favourite sport with the only sound of nature in the background, without renouncing the great features of an authentic trial bike.

It is not for nothing that this new GasGas model incorporates a mechanical clutch system with its six-speed gear box. A double solution that makes this model the only electric trial bike made in series incorporating both elements. This will allow its users to get the same feel and control in delivery as its internal combustion stablemates. The efficient engine developed by Torrot, the company that owns GasGas and the leader in the electric sector, is powered by a state-of-the-art battery offering all the necessary autonomy so riders can enjoy long trial sessions.

Agile, lightweight and easy-to-ride, weighing only 68 kilograms, manufactured on the extensively tested tubular chassis made of chromium-molybdenum steel used by the TXT, a range from which it also inherits a large part of its aesthetics and its tried and tested components in terms of suspension, brakes and tires.

An electric racing model (not approved to run on public roads) that is born with the unmistakable influence of the champion from Santa Pau, Marc Colomer, present in all phases of development of the new GasGas TXE, from its initial stages to winning the World Cup and now, finally, in its final step on to the assembly line with which the company has in Salt, Girona.

The best always comes for those who know how to wait. This is how those faithful of the brand can get the new GasGas electric trial bike by making a reservation via this LINK. You can now reserve your exclusive TXE on the GasGas website (200 units limited edition series). This bike will be delivered to the closest official GasGas dealer between the months of July and October 2018.